When you put on your first pair of lab goggles, balanced your first chemical equation, first volunteered in your community - did you ever think you'd someday have what it takes to say lives?

Here, it’s all possible - and more. With your passion for science and our 135-year tradition of success, we can redefine the future of human health together.

It’s our mission to prepare you - the next generation of leaders - to work together in the name of healthier people and improved health care systems. To give you the research opportunities, real-world exposure, and patient care experience so you can turn those possibilities into reality—and a rewarding career. 

In fact, the Brookings Institution named us the #1 value-added school in the nation, by measuring the contributions of the College to the success of our graduates.

This is where you prepare for the new frontier of health. Not just to keep up with it, but to lead it.