Plentiful Options to Gain Real World Experience
药学博士项目的体验式教育部分是让学生走出课堂和学术实验室,进入各种现实世界实践环境的机会, putting the knowledge they have gained to use in hands-on pharmacy practice experiences.

这些实践经历, 也被称为旋转, make up 30% of the pharmacy student’s curriculum.


These experiences not only expand students' knowledge of pharmacy, but often lead to job opportunities after graduation.

Practice sites include community pharmacies, 医院, 流动护理诊所, 研究实验室, 管理式医疗设施, 学术界, government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry.


IPPEs are designed for pharmacy students in their first three professional years of the Pharm.D. 程序. By the time they enter their final professional year, 通过满足以下详细的IPPE要求,学生将获得320小时的“动手”实践经验. 

每个药学专业的学生需要完成三(3)个轮岗,总共有8个学分和320学时. 在开始应用程序之前,必须满足所有IPPE要求,并且必须在美国完成 ACPE标准13.8).

Under the direct supervision of a registered pharmacist, students will demonstrate proficiencies in a skill set that includes: dispensing prescriptions, 利用患者资料, 监测药物相互作用, 制药业务, and basic communication with patients and physicians. This IPPE is scheduled following the first professional year (P1).

This course is designed to introduce students to hospital pharmacy practice. 学生将学习分配和临床功能,包括药物订单的审查和评估, identification and resolution of medication related problems, interactions with non-pharmacy departments, observation of the order entry process and preparation of sterile products, performing patient-specific calculations necessary for dosing medications, and presenting a patient case or disease topic. This IPPE is scheduled in the summer following the second professional year (P2).

Formerly titled the Patient Assessment IPPE, 本课程将使学生了解门诊护理的基本日常操作. 学生 will gather and organize information from patient medical charts, conduct patient interviews to obtain an accurate medication history, present a patient case in a structured format (e.g., SOAP note), and prepare responses to drug information inquiries. This IPPE is scheduled in the summer following the second professional year (P2).


APPEs是“实践”经验(称为轮岗),旨在建立在课堂上获得的学术基础上, 实验室, 和IPPE部分的药房.D. 程序.

APPEs are subdivided into modules, each 6 weeks in length. They begin each May and continue through May of the following year. One week of an APPE is equal to one semester hour of academic credit.

Each student is required to complete 42 weeks (42 credits). APPEs是由学院安排的,通常要求学生每天至少在练习地点呆8小时.

Each student must successfully complete five (5) core rotations and two (2) elective rotations.


学生 must complete each of these rotations for a total of 30 credits. All required core rotations must be completed in the United States (in accordance with ACPE标准13.8).

  1. 社区药房
  2. 门诊*
  3. 住院治疗*
  4. 机构药房
  5. Flexible Core - 学生 select a second rotation from core categories 1-3 as listed above.

* Inpatient Care and Ambulatory Care rotations are direct patient care rotations in settings including but not limited to anticoagulation; critical care; diabetes/endocrinology; emergency medicine/toxicology; family practice; gastroenterology; geriatrics; hematology/oncology; HIV pharmacotherapy; homecare; infectious diseases; internal medicine; nephrology; neurology; nutrition; pain management; pediatrics; primary care; and psychiatry.


学生必须从以下类别中选择两个选修轮岗来完成他们的APPE要求. Each rotation is six weeks in length and six (6) academic credits. 选择应用程序 may be completed outside of the U.S.

Elective options include Compounding; Drug Programs Management; Governmental Affairs/Regulatory; Health Information Management; 首页 Infusion Pharmacotherapy; International Pharmacy; Long-term Care; Medication Safety; Military Pharmacy; Nuclear Pharmacy; Pharmaceutical Industry; Pharmacogenomics; Pharmacy Administration; Pharmacy Association Management; Pharmacy Education and 研究, 还有很多其他的.



国际轮岗为学生提供与实践专业人士一起工作的经验,同时为国外社区服务. 这样做的时候, 他们不仅扩展了他们的知识和技能,而且还获得了全球医疗保健的视角.

In conjunction with the clinical or research aspects of the experience, 学生有机会通过学习传统的医学方法和探索历史和文化遗址来扩大他们对特定地区的理解.

Limited international APPE opportunities are available and have recently included Italy, 日本, 中国, 韩国和加拿大. 更多的信息将在第三学年的APPE培训课程中与学生分享.


在任何旋转之前, students must register as pharmacy interns in the state where the rotation will be performed, 如果适用的话.

Prior to APPEs, students must have successfully completed their IPPE requirements.

Prior to IPPEs and APPEs, students must have the following:

  • A copy of personal immunization records, which is on file at the College (in the event a site requests to see them).
  • 最近体检的证明, 在轮换开始前的学年结束前的特定时间框架内完成(时间框架将在学年的适当时间通知学生).)
  • 结核病筛查测试(PPD皮肤测试或IGRA血液测试)-学生必须提供显示结核病皮肤或血液测试阴性结果的医疗文件, or chest x-ray report following a positive test result. 筛选必须在轮转开始前的学年结束前的特定时间框架内完成(时间框架将在学年的适当时间通知学生).)
  • CPR or Basic Life Support Certification, valid for the duration of all rotations
  • 季节性流感(流感)疫苗

Some clinical sites may have their own requirements as well, including a criminal background check, 药物筛选, or an antibody titer (laboratory blood test, 这是豁免的证据, as opposed to providing proof of having received the vaccine), 等.

具体要求, 如果有任何, would be noted in the rotation site’s record within the CoreELMS database, 并由体验教育的工作人员在轮岗前通过电子邮件通知合适的学生.

举办体验式教育轮转的机构可能会因为无法提供适当的健康许可而拒绝学生参加体验式项目, which could result in delayed graduation or in the inability to graduate from the 程序.


被判犯有重罪或轻罪的个人可能会被拒绝获得卫生专业人员的认证或执照. 有关在某一特定司法管辖区获得许可资格的信息可从该司法管辖区的适当认证机构获得.

轮换地点可能会因为重罪或轻罪定罪而拒绝学生参加体验项目, 未通过药检, or inability to produce an appropriate health clearance, which would result in delayed graduation or in the inability to graduate from the 程序.

因为举办体验式教育的机构可能会要求对学生进行犯罪背景调查,以便允许学生进入他们的机构, the College will conduct background checks on all students entering clerkship, using the Health and Human Services/Office of Inspector General (HHS OIG) database.

卫生与公众服务部监察长背景调查网站的目标是查明被排除在联邦资助的医疗保健计划之外的个人和企业. This includes individuals convicted of fraud related to federal 程序s, 病人滥用, licensing board actions and default on health education assistance loans.

If a student is identified via the use of this database, 该事项将提交给由药学实践部任命的委员会采取行动.


“There were no other colleges that I had been looking at, that had opportunities for international travel. Talking to other pharmacy students from other colleges and preceptors outside of ACPHS, they were always shocked that I had this opportunity.”

- Lauren Hom, 药学博士 Candidate 2023